Operating Theatres


WHITESTAR Signature® System

Figure : WHITESTAR Signature®

There are 2 operating theatres for cataract surgery which is well equipped with state-of-art operating microscopes and surgical equipment.


Phacoemulsification, a method of cataract surgery in which the eye’s internal lens is emulsified using ultrasonic energy and replaced with an intraocular lens implant(IOL)


The WHITESTAR Signature® System is more than just the latest phaco technology — it's an all-new surgical platform. It represents a breakthrough in safe, easy lens removal technology that has never been available to the cataract surgeon until now.


Only the WHITESTAR Signature® System combines the safety of revolutionary Fusion® Fluidics with the optimized cavitation of WHITESTAR® Technology. The integration of these technologies creates the versatility needed to remove both hard and soft lenses.

VisuMax 500 KHZ Femtosecond

Figure : VisuMax 500

The VisuMax® is extraordinary in all major application of state-of-the-art corneal surgery. With a laser pulse rate of 500 kHz,

The VisuMax Femtosecond System from Carl Zeiss Meditec sets new standards of efficiency in corneal surgery. VisuMax combines excellent incision precision with best-in-class speed and treatment comfort in performing advanced femtosecond laser applications.


Precise Pulse Technology safely and accurately controls every single laser pulse from beginning to end. Using Zeiss PrecisePulse™ Technology, every beam of the laser is precisely placed on the cornea while an active eyetracker with an ultra-rapid infrared camera tracks the eye’s position 250 times per second.


The MEL 80 eyetracker doesn’t use just one landmark on the eye, it uses two, which is an important feature for exact registration and laser alignment. The laser has the smallest beam spot size in the world (0.7mm).  This makes possible the most accurate and smooth treatments.

Zeiss Mel 80 Excimer Laser

Figure : MEL-80 Excimal Laser

CRS Master™ Aberrometer offers the most precise measurement the eye and the map generated is used for a detailed treatment plan by taking into account of the unique optical distortions, glasses prescription, pupil size, and visual needs, hence further refining the laser vision correction.


Dr. Chew Kok Peng has been able to consistently demonstrate a flap thickness of between 80- 90 microns during LASIK procedure. This is to increase the corneal stability and the levels of safety. We have treated spherical numbers as high as -13D and + 8D as well as astigmatism 6D for each eye with excellent results.



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