Pediatric Eye Care

Chew Eye Specialist Centre provides eye examinations and treatment, including lazy eye treatment and squint eye surgery to children.

Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)

When a child uses one eye predominately and does not alternate between the two eyes, the prolonged suppression of the non dominant eye by the brain may develop into amblyopia (lazy eye). A thorough ophthalmic check-up is required and treatment has to be given.


To improve vision, an individual active treatment programme will be designed involving one or more of the following: glasses, patch therapy, eye drops dilating the pupil, and in some cases a contact lens.

Figure :  A child wearing an adhesive

eyepatch to correct amblyopia


Pediatric Eye Care (cont.)

Strabismus (Squint Eyes)

Strabismus is the medical term for misalignment of the eyes. It refers to the condition in which the eyes do not point in the same direction. Early detection and treatment are important for best result.


Strabismus surgery is an attempt to realign eyes as close to normal as possible. Strabismus surgery loosens or tightens eye muscles, which changes the alignment of the eyes relative to each other.



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