Refractive Surgery Diagnostic Tools


Corneal Topography & Wasca Analyzer

Corneal topography is a valuable three dimensional imaging tool to map the surface of the cornea. Corneal topography is critical in detecting a variety of corneal abnormalities.


Wavefront analysis is very important to measure higher order aberrations of the human optical system. Higher order aberrations are types of vision deficits similar to lower order aberrations, such as near-sightedness, far-sightedness and astigmatism, but represent different distortions.


They seem to be more apparent in some patients and often cause symptoms such as decreased night vision, glare and halos around lights.

Visante Anterior Segment OCT

Figure : Visante Anterior Segment OCT

The Visante OCT uses a non-contact technique to provide sharp, highly detailed images and precise biometrics of the anterior segment, including corneal shape and angle information.



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