Testimonial on LASIK

I wanna be free of spectacle & contact lens!


On October 21, 2010, I decide to take a big step,

I am going to do Lasik!


What have I got?


A great vision without side effects.


Initially before the surgery I was nervous! But the procedure itself was painless, there was a bit of discomfort for a few hours after the surgery.


By the next morning, the world is beautiful! I can see the clock! I can look out of the window, I can  see the sky and trees!!


The feeling is great!



Cheng Phooi Yann,

Age 30, Chemist ( Done on October 21, 2010 )

I was really fed-up and tired of wearing glasses or contact lens. I have to keep changing my glasses all the time. Before I did my LASIK, I was really apprehensive as I am going to do something I have not done before. I am worried that it might be painful. I do really want to have better eyesight and the mess of wearing contact lens.


I finally did it. The procedure was painless! The eye was a bit uncomfortable for the first day. By the end of the week, everything was perfect!


I can drive very well in the night without any glasses or contact lens. It is definitely a plus for me as my image as an interior designer has been grateful enhanced.


Thanks Dr. Chew and all staff at the centre for my wonderful vision.



Mr. Chong Chee Yean,

Age 27, Interior Design ( Done on August 4, 2010 )

I was -4.00/ -0.75 cyl and -4.75 / -0.50 cyl. I wanted to do LASIK because I wanted to be free from glasses and contact lens. I used to wear contact lenses, but I realized my eyes cannot acommodate it even I used better quality brand. I decided to go for LASIK.


During the LASIK procedure, I felt nervous. However. Dr. Chew and nurses guided me patiently throughout the procedure, and it was done successfully.


Just after the LASIK. I really had good vision; it was really outstanding and unbelievable. The LASIK really make my vision better than ever , and I really appreciate Dr. Chew and supported staffs who make it possible.



Loke Saw Hoong,

Age 27, Student ( Done on September 8, 2011 )

I am a very active person and my profession as a manicurist requires sharp vision. Therefore, Dr. Chew prepared me in advance for the reading problem together with short-sightedness and astigmatism correction. Before the LASIK day, I felt a bit nervous and at the same time some excitement when thinking I will be free of glasses soon.


After completing the LASIK, my vision was blurred but I can still see far objects as compared to without spectacles. My vision became clearer after few days. For the next follow-up, my vision was perfect 6/6!


Now I can indulge in any sports without any worries, more convenient and greater confidence!



Ng Foong Kam.

37 years old,  Manicurist ( Done on March 7, 2013 )

After LASIK, the quality of my life has improved significantly as I do not need to wear contact lens anymore. My vision is clear and the procedure is simple and problem-free. It feels great to be able to participate in everyday activities such as sports without the hassle of putting on contact lenses. Kudos to doctor and the nurses for their professionalism. I would sincerely recommend this to anyone who wants to life free from glasses and contact lens.


Lee Kong Hoe

37 years old, Government Servant ( Done on February 28, 2013 )

I was 4.00 and -4.25. I wanted to do LASIK because I wanted to pursue my dream to be a police that required a good vision.


Before the LASIK day, I felt slightly nervous and excited at the same time when I was thinking I was closer to my dream. During the procedure, I really didn't felt any pain at all and it only took around 35 minutes in total..


The next day after LASIK, my daily activities has become more confident after the LASIK. I really appreciate Dr. Chew and the nurses who did a wonderful job for me.



Lee Teng Kwan,

28 years old, Teacher ( Done on August 30, 2012 )




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